6 amazing home accesories

This one just because it looks like a good night sleep

Amazing idea for patios and cold winters

Gorgeous arty home candles

Delicious food cutlery

Ultra modern approach to heating

Soft in touch moving cloud lamp

Not Sexy – But Necessary

if you get my drift.

Niagara Conservation’s new Stealth toilet is the first and only toilet available with the ability to achieve a powerful, quiet flush using just 0.8 gallons of water. That’s pretty remarkable considering that most current single flush toilets use 1.6 gallons per flush and older style models flush 3.5 gallons. That adds up to impressive savings

What Remodeling Your Bathroom Can Do For Your Home

When we often think of home improvement projects, such as a bathroom remodeling project, we tend to think of what that project can do for us, personally. While you can easily benefit, a number of different ways, from having your bathroom remodeled. Did you also know that your home can benefit as well? The truth is that your home, itself, can benefit from a bathroom remodeling project, often in more ways than one.

Before you can begin to understand the benefits that your home may reap from a bathroom remodeling project, it is a good idea to focus on what a bathroom remodeling project is. Depending on who you talk to, you may get different definitions of a home improvement project. Although there are some who say that a bathroom remodeling project can only be considered remodeling if all of it is changed, there are others who claim that simply replacing your bathtub is enough to constitute a bathroom remodeling project. Whatever your bathroom remodeling plans are, whether they only involve replacing your bathtub or changing around your whole bathroom, your home can still benefit from the changes made.

Perhaps, the greatest bathroom remodeling benefit that your home will see will be an increase in value. The majority of homes that undergo a bathroom remodeling project end up seeing an increase in value. This is because almost all bathroom remodeling projects result in something better. Even though a small bathroom remodeling project may result in an increase in value, the larger projects are often ones that produce the biggest differences in value. Despite the fact that most homes do see an increase in value, after a bathroom remodeling project has been completed, it is important to note that not all homes to. If your bathroom remodeling project was poorly done or never got completed, you may actually find that your home’s overall value decreases. That is why it is important that all projects not only get finished, but that they get finished right.

Aside from an increase in value, a bathroom remodeling project may help to improve the appearance of your home. As previously mentioned, most bathroom remodeling projects are done to improve a bathroom, in other words, make it better than it was before. Whether your home just didn’t look attractive or if your bathroom needed repairs to make it safe again, your bathroom could greatly benefit from a new facelift. In fact, you may find that your bathroom not only looks better, but so does the rest of your home.

Although it is nice to know what a bathroom remodeling project can do for your home, you may also be wondering what it can do for you. As stated above, homeowners often end up benefiting, in a number of different ways, from a bathroom remodeling project. Many of these benefits are, in a way, related the appearance of your home or bathroom. Since bathroom remodeling projects almost always result in something better, you, as a homeowner, may feel proud of your new bathroom. In fact, you may feel as if you got a whole new bathroom. Since there is a good chance that you will be pleased with the changes, you may find yourself more willing to invite your friends or family to come into your home; thus resulting in a whole other set of benefits.

As you can easily see, there are an unlimited number of benefits to having your bathroom remodeled; benefits that may not only apply to you, but to your home as well. If would like to reap many of the above mentioned benefits, you are advised to get started today. The sooner you start your bathroom remodeling project, the sooner you can be pleased with the end result.

Spring, but closer to Summer

Here some ideas for mid season home decoration. Fresh flowers, a lot of green accents, just like in fashion – blooming flowers are in trend.

White Peony Watercolor Poster Print print
White Peony Watercolor Poster Print by lillyarts
Large format posters printing from zazzle

Ideas for the wall

Ideas for Home Office Decorating

Every room in a house requires a face-lift or organizing once in awhile. Many people have home offices which require decorating. If this is your dilemma, you have help since there are many ideas for home office decorating. Planning a home office project doesn’t have to be expensive which is great because perhaps you can afford a professional decorator to transform your home office. Creativity goes a long way when you are home office decorating.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a separate room for their home office. The main thing to remember in home office decorating is to do your best with what you’ve got. You may have to set up your home office in a closet, a corner of your living room, on a stair landing or in a spare room. Wherever your home office may be in your home, there are ways to decorate it, making it a comfortable and enjoyable place to work.

Once you’ve decided on a space for your home office, you’ll need a plan. Doing the home office decorating yourself will save time and money. Painting is something you can definitely do. When choosing colors for your home office, a fresh lively color or a calming color would be the best choices. These tones will set the mood for your work space. To jazz it up a little, you might want to use stencilling around your desk or perhaps wallpaper one wall to enhance the space you have.

When looking for ideas for home office decorating, why not look around your home. No doubt there are pieces of furniture that aren’t being used. Perhaps there’s a comfortable chair you can take for your home office. If space is a big issue, you might want to build a desk. Building a desk for your home office decorating project can be as simple as laying a piece of board on top of a filing cabinet or a smaller table. Home office decorating doesn’t mean you have to rush out to an office furnishing store and max out your credit card. You can decorate a home office using items you already have or if you’d like something different, why not visit a few charity shops or garage sales. You are guaranteed to find something useful that will cost you very little.
home office
If you’ll be spending a fair amount of time in your home office space, it is important to include details that will inspire you such as artwork or music. Lighting is also essential in a workspace. If you are decorating a small area, lamps may be best for lighting. Plants are also nice in a home office. Choosing a favourite plant to put in your workspace would surely be inspiring. Photos of family and happy memories are nice to have in your home office. If space is an issue, you may want to choose one wall to hang your artwork and photos. Another wall can be used for shelving, to store your office supplies, books and necessities for your work. It would be great if you could leave at least one wall fairly clear, too much is often distracting. There are many great ideas for home office decorating. If you seem to be a standstill with your project, make use of some of the great resources available such as home office decorating magazines and catalogues, television decorating programs and the Internet. Each of these suggestions will provide many useful ideas for home office decorating.

Spring into Action

This time of year is a time for change. Change of weather, change of style and change of habit. Or would that be habitat? These times should be spent not just cleaning the house from top to bottom, but enjoying the new fashions, trends, styles and colours that come out of hibernation.
Your home could be the most important thing to you so why not get a change of style throughout your abode to give a sense of change and new beginnings for the year ahead. After all, you only have to change the main accessories to alter the design and look of a home; it’s not about gutting the decor.

A perfect start would be a new spring bedroom refreshment. Nothing is more comforting than getting into a freshly made bed at the end of the night and waking up to stylish but comfortable bed linen. Secondly, get a set of fresh towels in. Who knows how dirty those old ones are and you’d feel like the baby from the Fairy advert after changing.
Why stop there? Why not spoil yourself with a matching dressing gown, pillow cases, hand towels, flannels or blankets etc? All these things are in your comfort zone and should be quality. If not, then they make brilliant gift ideas for birthday celebrations or even as wedding gifts and anniversary gifts


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Ice is Nice

What would the likes of the middle classes do without ice in their drinks? THE most important ingredient, some would argue, is that frozen lump of H2O that chills our drinks and dilutes the ‘nasties.’ I would agree on the majority and hope you would too.

One way to help this process is purchasing yourself what we call in the human world, an ice bucket, believe it or not. Those wondrously practical and smartly dressed items that bring joy and life to the fulfilments of each and every ice cube. Without it, your summer period would almost be catastrophic if, for instance, you were entertaining the folks and the weather, though it being the positive thing brought a downer on the beverages.

And of course one wouldn’t leave without its sister, the wine bottle cooler. Fantastically crafted pieces of engineering that allow you to enjoy the experience of dining from the table instead of going backwards and forwards from the fridge to the dining room. Of course they come in all shapes and sizes so make sure you pick the right one to go with not only decor, but also the occasion. One wouldn’t want to end up getting a simple practical piece, when one was trying to impress at a formal garden dinner party, would one? Go for the more elegant, dramatic and swirly types. Give your party a sense of class by trying these out.

Lastly, by showing these accessories off, it gives the impression that you do actually care about your guests needs because you’ve taken that extra step towards pre-empting what they’re going to want.

It’s a Large World After All

Does anyone remember that children’s series, ‘The Borrowers?’ What an amazing programme. I used to think it would be the most wonderful adventure to be a really tiny person and making ends meet by trying to build a house from giant things!

Then I came across a website that does large cotton spool tablesand I whizzed back to my childhood. What a fantastic product! They seem like they would be suitable for a kids bedroom or for a toy nursery but if you’re a big kid like me then I’m sure the more stylish versions would suit either the budding seamstress or certainly someone with a BIG imagination.

There is nothing in the world more comforting than seeing an everyday inanimate object blown up to the size of something out of ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids.’ And as well as that these things are fashionable, come in colours and shades and the versatility of using them either as side tables, bed tables, chairs or even just as decorative pieces to enhance the quality of your home. Not only do they add volume and decor to the room but also are useful for placing important items that one may need before going to bed – e.g. medicines, torch, phone charger, glasses, table clock, table lamp etc.

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